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Our Spiritual Life 2017 - 2018

Our Spiritual Life in Coláiste Nano Nagle.

Sharing our faith story and the story of our relationships with Jesus, and with the Sacred, connects us very deeply in Colaiste Nano Nagle. The R.E. Dept has been a hive of activity this year so far. There are our morning reflections as we begin our school day, our special reflection days, Lenten Prayer services, Easter Liturgy and the grand finale with our Graduation Ceremony on May 25th. Wednesday Feb.8th Second Years celebrated with the theme “Heroes”. We shared our heroes and why they are heroes and looked at our real hero “Jesus”. We prayed, meditated, watched videos of special heroes and relaxed with some craft work. Our day ended with an extract from “Forest Gump” Film and a warm Liturgy from Fr. Chris with the song from Beyoncé Knowles “I was here” where we glimpsed at the real Heroes of the world. Wed Feb 15th. our First Years Special Reflection Day with their theme Gifts and Talents. We tried to recall and celebrate the gifts and talents God has given to each of us. Some of our talents are very obvious, others not so easily seen. Our prayer, meditation, Video clips, sharing our talents gifts and craft work make us more aware of this wonder in each of our lives. All enjoyed the Lion King and Fr. Chris asked us to try and know our gifts, use our talents and make a difference. T.Y. students had their Reflection Day on March 22nd and Fifth years on March 29th. The theme for both of these days was Creation and the Care of our Common Home Earth. We had two special visitors to help us on both days Sr. Teresa Devine and Sr. Betty Baker both Salesian Sisters. Both groups enjoyed The Cosmic walk, meditation and craft work. The Salesian Sisters did the Story of the Universe, Sustainable Development Goals to protect our planet and Human Rights declared by United Nations. We saw many situations on our planet that need immediate attention from amazing videos from different countries. We looked at the greatest needs at the moment and took the following three 1. End poverty, 2.end hunger and 3. Ensure quality EDUCATION for all. The theme for our prayer was creation from Genesis and the value of our precious elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. We are standing on Holy Ground. The days ended with meaningful Liturgies from Fr. Chris. For the past TEN YEARS we have celebrated Grandparents Day in our School for our First and Second Year students. There is always great excitement when Grandparents visit our school. This year it was Feb. 1st. and with the Life of St. Bridget and entwining that with Pope Francis “Learning to take care of our common Home” a beautiful hospitable evening was enjoyed by all. That special gentle and caring relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren spread a radiance throughout the evening. Other special events were having our throats blessed on Feb. 3rd the feast of St. Blaise by Fr. Chris and the distribution of Ashes on Ash Wednesday, and ancient custom reminding us of our mortality. Thanks also to your special participation to the Lenten prayer services in the Oratory all during Lent. A special word of thanks to Sr. Ann Hurley and Mrs. Buckley who helped us on all our reflection days. Our Easter Liturgy on April 5th had two parts, the Lenten Message of the death of Jesus and the Easter Message of Joy and Resurrection. During this Liturgy Fr. Chris Missioned and blessed our two students who will be representing Colaiste Nano Nagle in Lourdes this year with the Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage. We wish Nicole Kelly and Caitlin Rooney Stewart a very special time on this pilgrimage and look forward to their sharing with us in the Autumn. Last but not least we wish all our students doing Leaving Cert and Junior Cert the very best of luck. Please remember them by saying the following prayer for them. As we prepare for their exams help them to study well, help them to stay calm and not become overanxious. Let your Spirit be with them during these days guiding their studies and giving them insight Help them during the exams to remember what they have studied and to Present their answers to the best of their ability. Nano Nagle help us with our studies. We wish a very happy and blessed holiday to all our students from the R.E. Dept. See you all in the Autumn. Miss C.O’Brien and Sr. Colette never fail in our safe journey. Miss. O’Brien and Sr. Colette Hourigan R.E. Department

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